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Pressure Washing In Newburgh Junction

Looking For Pressure Washing near Newburgh Junction, NY?

Pressure Washing Near Me

At Great Clean Inc. we pride ourselves on cleanliness and professionalism. We treat your property like our own and strive for complete satisfaction. If you’re in search of professional pressure washing services look no further than Great Clean Inc. in Newburgh Junction, NY. We are dedicated to providing quality cleaning at a reasonable price. Our company has been servicing Orange County professionally for over 3 decades and proudly serves nearby.

Professional pressure washing will remove the pollutants that build up on your exterior surfaces over time. Leaving your surfaces with a pristine clean shine that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. Whether you have concrete, brick, metal, vinyl siding, stone or wood, we have the equipment and the know-how to clean your exterior surface based on your specific needs. If you are looking for basic residential house washing or need someone to take on your large-scale commercial pressure washing project, Great Clean Inc. offers competitive reasonable rates. high-quality service and reliability second to none.

When done right, pressure washing can benefit your property, home, or business in several ways. Pressure washing is much more than just spraying water, with the combination of high and low pressure, producing temperatures up to 250 degrees, effective chemical application, and trained pressure washing professionals we are able to safely remove gum, graffiti, oil, rust, and other miscellaneous spills and stains. If it can get wet, we can pressure wash it. Living in the Orange County area we experience a lot of pollen, allergens, dirt, etc. Pressure washing uses specialized technology to clean your property’s exterior surfaces. It’s targeted for your most-used areas, and it offers a cleaning solution that can keep up with the grime factor. Heavily traffic areas such as; decks, patios, sidewalks, concrete, and bricks.

Patio/Brick Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Patios are a great place for family gatherings and relaxing in the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, with ever-changing weather in Newburgh Junction, NY, also brings mold and mildew on surfaces. Great Clean Inc. will restore your paver patios, brick, concrete to their original look. We use the pressure washing service and power washing industries’ latest technologies and biodegradable chemical soap solutions to ensure we remove all mold, dirt, mildew, debris, and stains.

Wood Decks/Fence Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Many of our repeat clients say that they prefer our professional deck & fence cleaning services to rejuvenate their worn weathered surfaces. Our expertise in cleaning can increase the lifespan of the wood by eliminating moss, mildew, and other fungi. We want to help keep your property clean and safe. We consistently strive to improve our approach to give all or our clients the very best outcome they deserve.


Concrete receives very high amounts of foot traffic walking up and down walkways and entryways into your business or property. Pressure washing on a regular basis is recommended to maintain a professional and clean image. We don’t want to interfere with your business or give anyone a reason to go elsewhere, our job is to enhance your business and help attract more customers. Make your business’s first appearance a clean one.

Great Clean Inc. pressure washing pros are well trained and take part in continuing education to ensure that they are up to date on the latest products and applications. What this means to you, our customer is that you will always receive professional service from an expert in the field, giving you peace of mind and maintaining our reputation for the highest level of customer service.

The primary reason you’ll want to get your home or business pressure washed also provides the most immediate benefit: cleanliness. But for those of you who consider long-term benefits, you’ll have something else to love about pressure washing: increased property value. A pressure washing can help to keep your property in quality shape by knocking away harmful mold and mildew growth. That maintenance combined with the beauty that a pressure washing can provide allows your property to not only maintain but also increase its value with annual pressure washing.

With our pressure washing services, your exterior surfaces will be clean, safe, and welcoming. Ready to last years into the future. Talk to our experts at Great Clean Inc. today to map out a pressure washing plan for your property.

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