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Great Clean, Inc.

A Clean Environment is a Happy Environment.

Providing Thorough Cleaning from Top to Bottom

Great Clean, Inc. is here to help make sure your home or commercial building is in tip-top shape. The founder, Derick Williams, came from Jamaica to the US and originally started working in the hotel business. Cleaning has always been in his blood; he’s meticulous, skilled, and passionate about helping make sure others get the perfect clean. However, he quickly learned that he couldn’t earn or do enough working for someone else, and so he decided to start his own company. For over 30 years, he’s been providing clients with the kind of detailed, thorough work he knows they deserve. 


Derick and his team are passionate about helping others get a thorough clean, whether they are small businesses or homeowners. They clean everything from top to bottom, sanitize everything, and pay close attention to detail. When you get work from them, your building will look better than ever. Please call today in order to learn more and to get your free estimate.          

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