Complete Disaster Cleanup in Orange and Rockland Counties

Reliable Disaster Cleanup for Damaged Homes

Restore Your Property After a Disaster

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is a home that has experienced major damage from extreme rainfall, flooding, hurricanes or fires.These natural disasters can result in significant damage and even pose risks during cleanup.  At Great Clean Inc., we understand how devastating a disaster can be to you and your home. We are here to help you at every stage as an experienced disaster cleanup business. Your home will be cleaned up by our experienced team of professionals after instances of flood or fire damage.

You can rest easy knowing that Great Clean Inc. will provide devoted service and excellent outcomes when they are handling your project. In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will work with you to make sure we are doing our job effectively. With our extensive disaster cleanup services, let us relieve you of the strain of getting back on your feet after a natural disaster.

Our Services For Water and Fire Damage

It is crucial to contact a reputable disaster cleanup company as soon as it is safe to do so if a disaster has harmed your home. One of Orange and Rockland county’s top catastrophe cleanup companies is Great Clean Inc. for water and fire damage. In instances of water damage, we’ll remove trash and other items that are too damaged to be salvaged, utilize air purifiers to enhance the quality of your air, and employ their steam cleaners to assist in sanitizing everything. For fire damage, our services include hauling away debris, cleaning up items damaged by smoke and flames, and more.

Your home will be completely repaired as soon as possible thanks to the hard and efficient work of our specialists. Given how immense the effects of natural disasters can be, we are dedicated to making the cleanup process as easy as we can. We will do all in our ability to help clean up the damage quickly and safely. We are here to support you throughout the entire process with our knowledge and expertise.

High Quality Cleanup For Life’s Messes

Trust Great Clean, Inc. to provide you with: 

  • Exterior and Interior Painting 
  • Pressure Washing 
  • Small Handyman Services 
  • Light Remodeling and Renovations 

Let the Experts Handle Your Fire Damage Cleanup

If your home has been damaged by a fire, contact Great Clean, Inc. Derick and his team can come to your home and help haul away debris, clean up items damaged by smoke and flames, and more. Call today if you need disaster cleanup services near: 

  • Newburgh, NY  
  • New City, NY  
  • Mahwah, NJ  
  • Cornwall, NY  
  • New Windsor, NY  
  • Piermont, NY  
  • Saddle River, NJ  
  • Middletown, NY 

Receive a free estimate now. 

Why Choose Us For Disaster Cleanup

Natural disasters are terrifying events that harm both your property and your belongings. In the aftermath, It can be intimidating to try to determine the total damage and try to rebuild everything that was lost or broken. Floods, hurricanes, extreme rainfall, and fires can happen at any time and can be devastating. Recovery is much simpler, though, when a trusted disaster cleanup company is on the job. We would be happy to assist you in the same way that we have been privileged to assist other homeowners put their lives back together following calamities. 

The disaster cleanup business that New York’s Orange and Rockland counties trust the most is Great Clean Inc., due to its efficiency and reliability. Cleanup has always been our specialty. Our extensive experience gives us the knowledge we need to perform disaster cleanup professionally and meticulously. We will make sure you get the best services you need.

Why Choose Us?

  1.   24/7 Assistance

Disasters can happen at any time, and when it does, getting it taken care of quickly is essential. We are available 24/7 and will assist you whenever you need us.

  1.     We’re Dependable

We’ll handle every part of the cleanup procedure from beginning to end. We’ll have your home back to normal in no time.

  1.   Customer Satisfaction

Our company is aware of the value you place on your home. We won’t stop working until you’re happy with every aspect of our cleanup services.

Derick and His Team Can Assist with Water Damage Cleanup

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