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Pressure Washing In Huguenot

Orange County Commercial Pressure Washing Services You Can Rely On!

Commercial Pressure Washer

At Great Clean Inc. your business is our business, and we strive for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You have a business to run, and it’s our business to ensure that your property provides the best setting for the work to happen. We’ll help you to protect your livelihood and generate more business by keeping up a sparkling appearance.

Dirty concrete is not only unsightly, it’s also a safety hazard. When slippery dirt, grime and mildew form on your property’s outdoor surfaces, you put your customers and employees at risk of falling when entering and exiting your building.

Great Clean Inc. experts will help you to create a cleaner, safer business environment by removing buildup from sidewalks and parking lots and entryways.

If you maintain a commercial property of any kind, you already know that widespread cleaning processes are especially challenging to undertake when customers and tenants are present. At Great Clean Inc. we understand this challenge. We know that it can be difficult to strike the right balance between scheduling regular property cleanings and avoiding disruptions for both employees and customers. That’s why we are happy to provide our services for your property during non-business hours.

Drastically improving your property’s image does not have to interfere with your daily business routine. We have the experience and equipment to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd, without any of the disruptions caused by other alternatives.

Commercial Services

Our team of skilled professionals can tackle any exterior commercial building cleaning project.

  • Building Washing:

Did you know that regular pressure washing for your building can protect and prolong the life of painted and block surfaces on your building? Pressure washing is an affordable solution to cleaning and extending the life of your building’s exterior surface.

  • Concrete Cleaning:

Concrete receives very high amounts of foot traffic on sidewalks and entryways into your business. Pressure washing on a regular basis is recommended to maintain a professional, safe and clean image for your business.

  • Window Cleaning:

Clean windows are a must for any business, you don’t want dirty windows hampering your image. Our window cleaning services include, hard water removal, paint removal, tape and sticker removal, screen cleaning, window sill and exposed track cleaning.

  • Gum Removal:

Chewing gum is unsightly and a major problem, it contains bacteria and never breaks down. Chewing gum can be difficult to remove due to its sticky nature. Gum removal can also cause permanent property damage leaving etch marks in the surface where the gum was. Our trained pressure washing professionals utilize the safest techniques when removing gum from your properties surface preventing any property damage, leaving a clean gum free surface.

  • Graffiti Removal:

Graffiti can be a frustrating problem. It takes away from your property’s appeal and can deter customers from entering your place of business. Great Clean Inc. can quickly remove graffiti tagging from your property. Quick removal helps achieve optimum results and also helps deter taggers from coming back. We use top of the line equipment and graffiti removal cleaners to remove graffiti whether it is on a bare concrete surface, brick wall, or painted surface. We also offer an anti- graffiti coating to help protect your surface, whether we just removed graffiti or you simply just want to protect against it, made from wax polymers anti–graffiti coating is virtually invisible. It can be applied to almost any exterior surface and will protect against graffiti, grime and pollution for up to 10 years. Graffiti tagging will always be a problem, but our graffiti removal services in the OrangeCounty area are here to help protect your business image.

  • Parking Lot/Garage Cleaning:

Parking garages and other parking structures get a lot of abuse with vehicles leaking oils and coolants, tires leaving black marks, and people spilling drinks or spitting out gum. Pressure washing is the best way to stay on top of these messes in keeping your parking garage or lot welcoming, clean and safe from hazards.

 We offer exterior building cleaning services to a variety of Huguenot, NY commercial properties:

  • Offices Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail storefronts
  • Strip centers
  • Restaurants
  • and much more


  • Cutting edge technology

Our pressure washing equipment represents the best in the industry. And the results show: Great Clean Inc. brings superior quality to every property.

  • Special cleaning products

We’ve carefully selected our cleaning products to address all issues.

  • Certified expertise

Every member of our team is licensed, insured, and professionally qualified to perform an industry-leading pressure washing service at your property.

  • Flexible scheduling

We work around your schedule and find a time that is convenient for you.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

We promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Your business deserves the best first impression. But it also deserves curb appeal that can last for the long run. With routine commercial cleaning from Great Clean Inc., your exterior will be a true reflection of your business. And you’ll see the benefits every single day! Call us today for your Free Estimate on your commercial property.

Are You Looking for the Best Pressure Washing Service in Orange County?

When it comes to finding the best pressure washing service Huguenot has to offer, look no further than Great Clean Inc.. Our 30+ years of experience and our wide range of services make us dedicated to fully satisfying our customers, every single time. If you want to learn more about our pressure washing services or schedule a free meeting with us, just visit varURLCompanyWebsite, or give 845-401-1656 a call today!

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