When it comes to cleaning commercial structures, pressure washing is the most effective method. When you use the right detergent, grime, dirt, and mildew are removed. Pressure washers force water through hose pipes by using high-pressure pumps. The amount of water that comes out of the pipe is usually controlled by a nozzle and a metal wand. 

Buildings can be damaged by stains, grime, dirt, and paint. For this reason, you should always clean your buildings. Power washing is performed commercially on a variety of materials, such as steel, concrete, wood, aluminum, and wood.


An important factor determining the frequency of commercial cleaning of tall structures is;

  • Environment: Where it rains a lot, stains are likely to accumulate.
  • Industries: It is important to maintain the appearance of commercial buildings, including malls and shopping centers. 
  • Site: Buildings located near streets, trees, and busy roads are more prone to become dirty and require cleaning.


Great Clean Power Washing Balmville NY


  1. Cleanliness: A building’s appearance is improved by routine cleaning by professionals. Clients, employees, and shoppers will be attracted to the building.
  2. Ensures that a healthy environment is maintained: Biologically harmful bacteria can be produced by molds and mildews. Pollutants produced by these organisms are often responsible for allergies and respiratory issues. Pressure washing regularly can help to eliminate these pollutants.
  3. Repairs are avoided: Biodegradable pollutants are flushed away by high-pressure water, preventing damage to the structure.
  4. Property value is increased: A well-maintained building entices prospective investors: A clean and well-maintained building is more valuable. The property will be valued 5-10% higher than the current value. 

We at Great Clean pride ourselves on providing the best commercial cleaning services for tall buildings. Contact us today!

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