bathroom cleaning newburgh ny

Relax and Refresh in an Immaculate Bathroom

Trust Great Clean Inc. for bathroom cleaning in Newburgh, New Windsor & Orange County, NY

Instead of spending the day cleaning your bathroom, hire Great Clean Inc. to take care of it. Our cleaners rely on years of experience to scrub and sanitize every inch of your bathroom with care. We can clean your bathroom weekly or monthly depending on your needs and budget.

Enjoy a pristine bathroom without lifting a finger. Hire Great Clean for bathroom cleaning services in Newburgh and New Windsor, NY. Call 845-401-1656 now to get a quote on cleaning services.

Put down the mop and pick up the phone

Count on Great Clean Inc. to:

  • Clean and sanitize your shower and bathtub
  • Clean the mirror
  • Clean and sanitize the toilet
  • Polish chrome
  • Clean the tile

Schedule an appointment for bathroom cleaning services today. You can also count on us for kitchen and commercial cleaning services in the Newburgh and Windsor, NY area.